CARNE y ARENA has implemented extensive safety measures to protect against COVID-19. To learn more, please read the safety protocols.

We recommend that visitors arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their appointment time.

CARNE y ARENA is a virtual reality work that is highly immersive and can feel extremely realistic, including experiences with firearms.

No photography or other documentation of the work is permitted.

Our team follows a meticulous protocol of hygiene measures: all gear, including the headsets, are carefully disinfected with an ultraviolet machine for efficient sterilization between each visitor.

Due to the complex technology employed, the installation may require unplanned maintenance; resulting in delays or cancellation.

Waiver and release of liability will be available on-site and must be signed before participating. For visitors ages 13 to 15, a guardian must be present to sign the waiver and release of liability at the time of the visit.

CARNE y ARENA is not recommended for individuals with claustrophobia, heart conditions, back conditions, a history of seizures, epilepsy, and/or sensitivity to flashing lights.

The installation is accessible to those with reduced mobility, although additional assistance may be required. Please contact venue prior to visit.